About SeekingtheFaith

About the Purpose

SeekingtheFaith is a personal project of exploring the history, faith, doctrines, and theologies of Christianity. This project is an extension of my search for a better understanding of both God and the Bible. The formation of the project has stemmed from a single reoccurring question in my life: How has Christian understanding of the Bible changed over time?

I call it a project rather than a blog because I hope this website to become more than a collection of my thoughts. My vision for the website is that it grows into a resource for others to use to learn more about Christianity and the history of the Church. Though it is a personal pursuit, I chose to make it a publicly available pursuit for several reasons:

  1. That this work might be used by the Holy Spirit to inspire others to faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation.
  2. That what I write might inspire those in Christ to become more devoted to God and more thoughtful about their beliefs.
  3. To create a charitable dialogue with both believers and non-believers about God and faith.

About the Name

When I sat down to come up with a name for my project, I brainstormed many ideas. Some of them I liked, and some I trashed. I knew that I wanted something simple that conveyed the essence of what I am trying to accomplish through this project. However, the list of ideas I liked slowly began to dwindle as I began checking online for available website domains. All of the names that I wanted to use had already been taken unfortunately. Over the course of a couple of days, I went back and forth between brainstorming and checking online.

Then one evening, “seeking the faith” popped into my mind, so I tried it out. It was available! But more importantly, as I compared the name to the other options I had considered, I realized how much more perfectly it fit both my hopes for this project and my own personality.

My objective is not to lay down an unrelenting doctrinal system and convince others to accept it. Rather, it is to seek, in humility, a better understand of God, history, and faith. The emphasis of the faith as opposed to a faith aligns with my deep desire for unity in the Church. The name sums it all up.

May the Holy Spirit bless you with the knowledge of our one true God. May this website be a blessing to you.

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