Statement of Faith

I see the contents of this page as a work in progress. As I continue to learn more about Christian history and doctrine, I anticipate refining and modifying this document.

Statement of Faith:

I have faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, my Savior and King, who has redeemed me from my sin through His life, death, resurrection, and ascension so that I will have eternal life in and through Him.

Statement of Belief:

About God

God inspired the writing of the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God. The Word of God is the only source of truth about God.

There is only one true God, who exists eternally in the three person Godhead of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each member of the Godhead is fully God, in essence and nature the same, and in perfect unity with one another.

God created the universe and everything in it is part of His creation. Therefore, there is no matter or spirit that God did not create. He created humans in His image but that, as a result of human sinfulness, humans are spiritually separated (dead) from God. As a result of sin, humans are under God’s wrath and require atonement to be in the presence of God.

About Jesus Specifically

Jesus Christ, the Son and second person of the Godhead, took on the fullness of humanity in His incarnation. Being born of a virgin, He lived a sinless life and died sacrificially on a cross, taking upon Himself the wrath of God for the sins of all humans, so that whosoever might have faith in Him would receive salvation through His grace. Because of the work of Christ, all those who place their faith in Jesus are adopted as children of the Father, becoming inheritors of eternal life and predestined to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. The sacrifice of Christ atoned for all the sins (past, present, and future) of a believer. As a result, believers are completely forgiven at the moment of their salvation.

Jesus Christ died on a cross, resurrected bodily, and ascended into heaven. He is now at the right of the Father as King and High Priest over all believers. God will resurrect humans in the future, just He resurrected Christ. Believers will be resurrected unto eternal joy and peace in the presence of God. Unbelievers will be resurrected unto eternal condemnation.

About the Holy Spirit Specifically

The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead, indwells believers as the guarantee of our inheritance in Christ to guide and instruct them in the ways of God. He is the producer of our sanctification in Christ, through whom we gain strength and encouragement to resist sin and live holy lives for the glory of God.

Philosophy Towards Theology:

The study of God (theology) is about learning who God is and what God has revealed to us. Therefore, it is an essential aspect of the Christian walk and something that must be undertaken with the utmost humility. Through theological study, followers of Christ learn how to live as Christ lived, to understand what God approves and disapproves, and to respond to the world as Christ would. Our personal theological perspectives greatly impact the way that we think about God. The Christian faith is incomplete without theology.

However, and this is a BIG however, theology is absolutely useless without faith in Jesus. There is no amount of theological knowledge that will ever save a person. Salvation is wholly of grace by faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Additionally, it is only through our faith in Jesus Christ that we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit,and apart from the Holy Spirit, we can know nothing of substance or importance about anything for there is nothing of substance or importance apart from God.

So, while theology is important, it must not be considered more important than Christ. While theology is a necessary part of the Christian life, it must not be place before Christ and thereby idolized.

Final Thoughts:

Above you have read about my personal beliefs and my theological philosophy. Depending upon your beliefs, you may completely agree, partially agree, or utterly disagree with me. That is okay. More important than whether or not we disagree is how we treat each other in our disagreements. One of the sad developments in society is the increased use of polemics within the realm of debates. People do not need to silently and passively accept everything that someone else says without question or rebuttal. However, neither must they ardently berate and verbally assault others into silence. A middle ground exists. It is the realm of the love of Christ.

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