Changing Direction for the Website

A new website design for a changing direction.

As I look back and reflect on the fact that I have not posted anything in two years . . . actually, two years to the exact day . . . I’ve had to ask myself “Why?” It didn’t take long to arrive at an answer.

When I first started this project, I had some pretty grandiose plans. I wanted to produce academic quality work that was aimed at teaching, encouraging, and helping non-academic readers. I still want to do that in the end. However, I realized that the daunting expectation I had placed on myself was driving me toward inactivity.

I wanted every word, sentence, and idea to be well planned and thoroughly researched before it ever made it to the public. Of course, that is not a bad thing to try to achieve. The problem lied with a misguided belief that I could somehow figure out everything about the Bible before I ever put the proverbial pen to paper. Pretty ridiculous idea looking back now.

Words of Wisdom

Although I began working on giving my website a new design a little over a week ago, my pastor shared some words during our recent Sunday school class that really hit home. He mentioned that if you are waiting to learn everything before you try and teach, you will never teach. He also reminded us that if you ever meet a Bible teacher who acts as if he or she has all the answers, you should probably go find someone else.

His words reminded me that I will definitely make mistakes as I go, and that that is okay. We all make mistakes. The goal, as I tell my students regularly, is to learn from them. So, while I know I will mess up occasionally or learn something new that makes me rethink something I’ve already written, I still need to try.

Writing is something that fills me with joy, and I ought to pursue it. I sincerely hope that my attempt to work through a better understanding of the Bible will also help others on their way as well.

The New Direction

Rather than focus on primarily producing scholarly writing, I am changing direction to be more informal in my approach. I wish to use this platform to write about the small tidbits of learning that I glean through daily life and reading.

On the horizon, I envision more scholarly posts and articles, but I am in no rush to get there. I am reminded of some great advice from “The Serenity Prayer:”

Taking one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Right now, I will write about now. And enjoy each moment.

May God’s light draw you ever closer to His fullness each and every day.

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