Excited To Learn About Theology

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now that I have finished much of the programming for the website, I have been able to dive into some research. I am even more excited to learn about theology than I was before.

My first steps with the website have been to develop the glossary, sources, and biographies sections. The sources and biographies are interconnected so that the author or authors of each source have their own biography page that is linked to the source. As a result, I have to research the authors a bit before I create the sources. Already this has proven to be an extremely helpful process for myself. With each author I’ve researched, I have glimpsed different areas of theologies. I am also starting to develop a much broader geographical understanding of the Christian faith.

Karl Barth

One of the exciting finds for me was an introduction to a Swiss theologian named Karl Barth. His name popped up as I was researching the authors for the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms. To my knowledge, I had not heard the name before, though from what I can tell he is extremely well known. From the brief bit of reading I did online, I am intrigued to learn more.

What got my attention the most about Karl Barth is that he appears to disagree with the more Calvinistic understanding of election, while still remaining quite orthodox. Personally, I lean away from the theological perspective of predestined salvation of selected individuals. Finding theologians that share a similar leaning is quite exciting. Though, from first glances, it does seem as if I will disagree with him on several other issues.

Of course, further research may prove me wrong about all of this, but that is half the fun. Diving into a topic as wide and deep as theology is like trying to swim to the bottom of the ocean. Even if I can go that deep in my lifetime, I will still only be seeing a small portion of it.

So why do it? Because I know that through the process the Lord is going to teach me much about himself and about myself. In the end, I will be changed–for the better I believe.

May the Lord bless you and me with a continual thirst to know him more each day.


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